Between Consciousness & Unconsciousness

Exhibition Location – Gallery White birch (자작나무갤러리-삼청동) Date – 30th Jun. ~ 6th July. 2014 The exhibition includes a total of 10 designers participated. I participated in this exhibition. We all are graduates of Visual communication design at Kookmin graduate school of design. Overall theme is “another me” and my personal theme is “between conscious and […]

Celebrate Hangul Day!

We celebrate Hangul Day on October 9 every year.(North & South Korean’s Language) It is a draft type for celebrate of Hangul Day. If you curious about Hangul then Look for Wikipedia. 10월 9일 한글날을 맞이하여 IDAS를 한글로 만들어 봤습니다. 비록, 실제로 사용되지는 않을 것이지만, 한글날에 한글의 아름다움을 담아 봤습니다. 한글에 대한 자세한 스토리는 위키피디아 […]